yei fei pai – celestial horses

In celebration of the Year of the Horse, Elan Gallery is honored to present the work of Yeh Fei Pai from Taiwan. Elan’s Celestial Horses exhibit will be begin February 7 and will close, February 28.  Greet the artist at Elan Gallery Saturday, February 8, 1:00 – 4:00, following Fei Pai’s live art demonstration at the US Hotel in Jacksonville.  Check out additional events, activities and presentations sponsored by SOCCA (Southern Oregon Chinese Cultural Association) which will take place on this day.

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yeh fei pai

I paint Celestial Horses as a tribute to their nobility as well as their auspicious power.  In Chinese mythology, horses are thought of as dragons, representative of exaltedness and prosperity.

I paint Celestial Horses as a tribute to their virtue.  According to Confucius, “Horses are praised by their virtue, not by their strength.”

I paint Celestial Horses as a tribute to their history.  Since ancient days, these horses have had a long lasting connection with people around the world.

Lastly, I paint Celestial Horses as a tribute to Yeh family tradition. For two generations my family has expressed our love and compassion for mankind through the spirit of our Celestial Horses.

I use my family’s unique splash-ink free-style technique of spontaneous, swift yet powerful strokes to capture the horses’ energy and motion.

My “Celestial Horse Philosophy” can be best described by the philosophy of  “Harmony between Humanity and Nature”.  This means that all aspects of the universe resonate in harmony with each other.

When my horses soar through the clouds, walk through the paths, or stumble against strong winds, they are I as I am them.  When people look at my paintings, I hope that they too will become one with the spirit of the horses.